Official endorsements for Cyndie Fajardo for Pierce County Sheriff

Dear Cyndie,

It is a pleasure to inform you that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77 Political Action Committee has endorsed your campaign for Pierce County Sheriff. This endorsement acknowledges your interest in the issues affecting workers and your commitment to addressing the needs of all hard-working men and women.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77

25th Legislative District Democrats
From: https://www.wa25dems.org/endorsements/

2020 Endorsed Candidates

Our volunteers have interviewed the candidates, and we would like to share our recommendations for the upcoming election. We have asked the tough questions, and determined that the candidates listed below are the best qualified to represent our community. These candidates are dedicated to: adequately funding our public schools; protecting our environment; ensuring that we have affordable housing; and efficient transportation. We believe that our state and local representatives are the key to protecting our community from the disastrous policy decisions coming out of the White House. If you are looking for information on an upcoming endorsement meeting, meeting information can be found on our “Events” page, and candidate endorsement questionnaires and endorsement policies can be found on our “Resources” page at https://www.wa25dems.org/cms/resources/

25th Legislative District Democrats


Pierce County, when we dial 911, we need our “Protect & Serve” system of law enforcement to work and work well.

Based on my 25-year association with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, I know Sheriff Lieutenant Cyndie Fajardo’s announcement is good news for us and the department.

Thank you Chief Fajardo for your willingness to serve as Sheriff of Pierce County. Yes, I know you currently hold the rank of Lieutenant, but, I still think of you as Chief from when you were Chief of Police for the Town of Steilacoom. I also realize it is not such a giant leap to move from Chief to Sheriff. You have experience leading a law enforcement organization.

You have our vote, “Sheriff” Fajardo. While you are not yet elected, I thought I would practice saying, Sheriff Fajardo. I like the sound of it. For anyone reading my comment her name is pronounced (faa har doe). Get to know her.

Joseph Boyle – My name is pronounced (Boil) and I am boiling over with excitement now that Lieutenant is running for Sheriff.

Joe Boyle

I worked with Cyndie on a joint rescue team called: “PSORT” Pierce County Special Operation Team.

Immediately identifiable as a leader in critical situations, she would provide guidance and motivation in a crisis and the long term.

Scott Duncan

Retired Fire Lieutenant

As a 20 year veteran of the Washington State House of Representatives representing the 31st Legislative District in Pierce County and a retired 25-year Detective and Commander in law enforcement, I have known and worked with Cyndie for many years and know that she is by far the most qualified candidate for Pierce County Sheriff. We need her experience and professionalism as our Pierce County Sheriff in these challenging times, and I hope you will join me in voting for her.

Chris Hurst

Retired State Representative

Dear Ms. Fajardo,

I am pleased to advise you that you have received the endorsement of the Pierce County Deputy Sheriffs Independent Guild for the office you seek. 


Pierce County Deputy Sheriff's Independent Guild

The Pierce County Corrections Guild wishes to endorse Pierce County Deputy Lieutenant Cyndie Fajardo for the position Pierce County Sheriff.

Lt. Fajardo is a qualified candidate with thirty-two years of experience in law enforcement and public safety. The Sheriff’s Department represents over 270 Corrections Deputies from the Pierce County Corrections and Detention Center. 

The Corrections Guild appreciates your support! Good luck in your quest for this Office.



Lisa Shanahan

PCC Guild President

Pierce County Corrections Guild

Teamsters Local 117
On behalf of our 17,000 members including thousands of men and women in law enforcement across our state, we offer our sole endorsement to Cyndie Fajardo in the race for Pierce County Sheriff.

Teamsters Local 117 represents 16,500 men and women at 200 employers across Washington State. Members of Local 117 cover almost every profession imaginable. Local 117 members are:

  • warehouse workers
  • truck drivers
  • law enforcement officers
  • waste water treatment professionals
  • office clerical workers
  • correctional officers
  • public sector professionals
  • And many more!
Teamsters Local 117


      Additional Endorsements

  • John Solheim
  • Elizabeth Reigle
  • Alana Kasner
  • Darrin Moss Sr.
  • Sheriff John Shields, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Retired
  • Sheriff Chuck Robbins, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Retired
  • Darin G. Harris

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Election Day - November 3, 2020